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4mm Cork Tiles 4mm Parquet Cork Glue Down tiles

Cork Tiles, a glue down cork flooring tile, when fully installed (that includes the required 2-3 coats of water based polyurethane) is 100% water proof. This is why this floor is used in bathrooms (and sometimes in kitchens). The amount of effort it takes to install cork tiles can be tremendous...depending on the square footage required. glue down cork tiles = a lot of work = water proof floor. A floating floor = relatively easy to install = not water proof; but can be made water resistant (with 2 coats of sealant).

If you are looking to install the glue down cork tile in an entire house, you may want to look at using a floating floor. A floating floor is a click together installation that can be made water-resistant (which is good enough for kitchens...but not good enough for bathrooms). A floating floor can also use a cork underlayment that will increase the insulating factor of the cork. Cork has the same R-Value as rigid Styrofoam insulation. Our 6mm cork underlay can be installed under a floating floor. It can NOT be installed under a cork glue down tile.

The glue down cork tiles takes a tremendous amount of work to get it in place but it offers the user the chance of having a functional cork floor for 100 years (when taken care of properly). The glue down offers years/decades of service in a commercial setting! This is why we recommend the glue down tile to be used in commercial spaces instead of the floating floor.

Construction of cork glue-down tile
Forna Construction of cork glue-down tile
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